Scents Of Organic Oils is a Proprietary Blend of Essential Oils  used in our Deodorizer Sprays and cleaning powder to Clean,Sanitize and Deodorize to leave a fresh clean Scent.Our Scented body Oils are custom made with our proprietary blend of sweet aromas of scents of lavender, almond, and vanilla and more to leave your skin soft with a lovely scent.Our products are made fresh upon ordering because of our natural ingredients free of artificial perservatives.

Scents Of Organic Oil  Products are used to Clean, Sanitize, And Deodorize in an all natural way. Our products are custom made  Scents made with Essential Oils to kill bacteria that causes odor. Gets rid of dust, Kills odor in carpets, cigarette smoke,and cleans  bathrooms and kitchens leaving any area Deodorized and Sanitized with a  fresh clean Scent.